NEMS-V Healthy Vending Machines

The pool lobby at the Roosevelt Recreation and Aquatic Center has earned a Silver Nutritional Environment Measurement Award. This means that at least half of the food and beverage choices in our pool lobby vending machines meet recommended criteria for healthy food choices based on Institute of Medicine Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools.

NEMS-VLook for these colors in the vending machines:

Red: not as healthy; falls outside the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.
Yellow: healthy foods that meet the Dietary Guidelines, but do not provide a serving of fruit, vegetable, low-fat dairy or whole grain.
Green: considered the healthiest; consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans and provide a serving of fruit, vegetable, low-fat dairy or whole grain.

Choose a yellow or green item and enter the contest to win a Fairfield Parks and Recreation logo portable chair. Just remove the special NEMS-V sticker from the item after purchase, fill in the entry form, stick the sticker on the entry form, and place it in the container at the pool desk! We will be giving away several chairs over the next few months and you can enter as many times as you like (once for each healthy purchase).

NEMS-V is funded with support from the Wellmark Foundation and Iowans Fit for Life. Visit the Healthy Vending website to learn more.

 Vending Machine Photos
snacks snacks drinks
The candy is not a healthy choice; the Rice Krispies Treats is a moderately healthy choice.
Yellow means moderately healthy
 Red, yellow and green drinks.
drinks prize enter
Red and yellow soda selections
 Win this chair!
Tear stickers off yellow and green snacks and put them with an entry form in the box for a chance to win a chair.